Intense quick-wittedness during jubilant finale

Cellist Harriet Krijgh, who studied at the Kronberg Academy, and conductor Dominik Beykirch, mesmerized with their debut in the Frankfurt HR-Sende Hall.

With a for this age rare sovereignty the young cellist, who received her education in Vienna and at the Kronberg Academy, fully brought to life Kabalewski’s first cello concerto in G minor opus 49. She made her instrument sing marvelously and found for her performance just the right balance between sensitivity and seriousness. Nothing was academically dry or pathetically overdone. The beguiling tone of her 400 year old cello from the workshop of Giovanni Paolo Maggini exuded music in its purest form. The audience present was spellbound by the virtuosity of the young musician and applauded so enthusiastically after the fascinating interpretation of the Russian work, that Harriet had to calm down the emotions. That she managed to do so felicitously with a quietly swaying Sarabande by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Voice from the audience

A riveting evening, that stirred enthusiasm in the audience. One of the euphoric listeners in the Sende Hall was the Frankfurt student Rosina Sfyridou. For her the evening was “”Balm for the soul”. She summarizes her impressions as follows: “the talented Dutch cellist Harriet Krijgh was, besides the emerging conductor Dominik Beykrich, the centrepoint of the evening. In her beguiling blue dress she literally sat in the middle of attention, even more accentuated by her central position in the Sende Hall in Frankfurt. It was fascinating to see with how much feeling she embraced her 400 year old cello. With full physical intention she felt herself through each series of tone, however complex. One could not only see and hear her but it could be fully sensed what she intended to express. With the Sarabande by Johann sebastian Bach as encore a sensation of peace filled the hall. I closed my eyes, breathed deeply, and all that burdened me fell away. When I opened my eyes once again, I saw that sound and vision found themselves in perfect harmony. It was not only an outstanding concert, but also an extraordinary experience at a student friendly price”.

19.11.2016 Frankfurter Neue Presse