Brilliant in abundance

Brilliant in abundance

Event: Concert of top works from the Romantic period by the North Netherlands Orchestra under guidance by Michael Nesterowicz.
With: Harriet Krijgh (cello).
Program: Mendelssohn, “Fairytale of the beautiful Melusine” (ouverture); Saint-Saens, cello concerto no. 1; Tchaikovski, Symphony no. 5 (“Fate”). Heard: 27/10 in the Oosterpoort, Groningen.

The intensity of her tone, the magnificent glissando to which she for a last time returned to the first theme: all was of a pure beauty. Thus also the melancholy with Bach’s first cello suite which she played as an encore. For – even when this should of course not be said – with such a wealth of musical ideas which seems to spontaneously spring from a deep well, one is reminded of Jacqueline Dupre. And not only because of this – Harriet Krijgh radiates a similar, unlikely mingling of the mundane and ephemeral in her expression, plays with a similar graceful movement of the arms, yet also presents a look alike appearance with her listening face held up aslant.

After this wonderful event nothing could spoil our evening any more.

Minke Muilwijk

Dagblad van het Noorden (The Netherlands) October 29 th 2016