Harriet Krijgh brilliantly performed in a colorful, by Gustavo Gimeno superbly conducted program of the Symphoniker.

Wiener Musikverein
The 27-year-old cellist Harriet Krijgh exulted in an extraordinary performance as a soloist of Saint-Saëns cello concerto in A minor:  uplifting was the extensive, warm, faultless tone, her proficiency at endless, intimate phrases, and her never overpowering,  charming and convincing presence, owing to her precious instrument as well.
Krijgh, Gimeno and the Symphoniker succeeded in offering a refreshing rendition of a valuable piece of music which often  suffers from being referred to a musical
category of “ nice voices, nice melodies”.
For this concert the also in this country underestimated Saint Saëns attributed an emancipated role to the cello which Harriet Krijgh was able to wonderfully engage herself with.

Source: Walter Gürtelschmied | Die Presse 25.03.2019