Portrait: “Freedom only exists in the moment” (Cicero Magazine, Germany, February 2016)

Dutch cellist Harriet krijgh lives in Vienna, plays in Europe and is the discovery of the season. Through work, that which is natural should never become matter of fact (from Theodora Walchshäusl, Cicero Magazine)

The love of her life has a dark complexion and a mellow voice. “It is a very intimate relationship” says Harriet while glancing at a voluminous cello case. “When we are travelling, it is always with me. Then when I am on stage I can trust him entirely and absolutely let myself go.” A musical love affair with implications: Harriet krijgh is one o the most promising cellists of today. By the European Concert Hall Organisation she was chosen for the project “Rising Stars” which will bring her to leading international concert halls during the 2015/2016 season…

(The portrait can be read in its totality in the most recent issue of the magazine Cicero www.cicero.de)