Cellist Harriet Krijgh announces new album ‘Silent Dreams’

‘Of all my recordings this album probably comes closest to the person that I am. My music is the purest filter I possess. We must cherish this art. Our society cannot do without it. My hope is that music will continue to hold its value and future. I believe this. Its power can be compared to that of love, and likewise it will never disappear,’ Harriet says.

On Friday, October 1, 2021 the renowned Dutch artist Harriet Krijgh will release the album ‘Silent Dreams’ on the Deutsche Grammophon label. Together with pianist, Magda Amara, Harriet performs songs for cello and piano by German, French and Russian composers. Today sees the release of the first song, ‘Nacht und Träume’ by Franz Schubert.

Especially for ‘Silent Dreams’ Harriet selected sixteen songs by classic composers such as Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Strauss and Poulenc. She cherishes all of these songs as they reflect her life as a performing musician. Longing and silence are recurring themes on the album. Harriet explains: “Silence is a part of me. I am an introverted person, even if my life as a travelling musician is hectic and noisy. It may sound paradoxical, but the cello brings me closer to that silence. The world often expects – particularly in this day and age – that we put ourselves forward as open, cheerful and strong. But it is so much better and more beautiful when people show their true feelings and vulnerabilities.” 

From an early age Harriet grew up loving songs. “My grandmother deeply loved art, and especially music. At bedtime she came and sat on the edge of my bed and sang those beautiful German songs as lullabies to me,” Harriet says. Her love for songs grew even stronger when at the age of thirteen she started studying the cello in Vienna and first read great German poets such as Goethe and Heine. “The songs awoke something in me that I could not  express myself. But they brought me wisdom and comfort.”

For ‘Silent Dreams’ Harriet and Magda closely studied the song texts to arrive at the core of their meaning. “We pored over each letter and word. When a song contains the word ‘Schmerz’ for pain, grief or sorrow, my cello should not sound beautiful but express that pain. The recording of these songs is something both of us will never forget,” Harriet says.

About Harriet Krijgh

The young Dutch artist Harriet Krijgh is one of today’s most exciting and promising cellists. Her grace and expressiveness touch her audiences as soon as she is on the concert platform. Harriet Krijgh played in the most important venues in Europe, North America and Asia. She has performed with orchestras such as the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Sinfonietta and Sydney Symphony Orchestra. She also formed her own festival “Harriet and Friends” which takes place every summer at the Feistritz castle in Austria and celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2021.

Harriet Krijgh has an exclusive recording relationship with Universal International Music / Deutsche Grammophon. “Silent Dreams” is the follow-up to her Vivaldi album. In spring 2019 she joined the renowned Artemis Quartet.

About Magda Amara

The Russian pianist Magda Amara won international acclaim as a chamber musician and soloist. She has won prizes at many prestigious international festivals. For a number of years Magda and Harriet have been a very successful duo. As Harriet describes her: “Magda is a marvellous piano player and one of the most inspiring musicians I’ve ever known. And she is also one of my dearest friends.”

Pre-order link: https://ctg.lnk.to/Krijgh_SilentDreams

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