Krijgh is a young cellist with an old soul

Harriet Krijgh Cello Photo: Marco Borggreve

This past Wednesday Krijgh re-visited the small hall of the Concertgebouw. Together with her regular duo-partner Magda Amara at the piano she played Mendelssohn’s second cello sonata and Rachmaninov’s sonata in G minor. Striking was: her robust tone, a beautifully even stroke and sometimes a selfwilled fingering.But above all Krijgh differentiates with characterful playing: she has fully absorbed each note and developed a clear vision of her own.

She is not someone to obediently paint within the boxes, but a cellist with an old soul, an original musician of the type who does turn the pages of her scores, but subsequently plays on with closed eyes. From behind her serious facial expressions pleasure seeps through.That too makes it a beautiful experience to see her play.

2015 11 20, NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands)